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It’s a well-known fact that the nervous system controls every cell, tissue, and organ in the body. It also regulates the body’s ability to heal itself. The nervous system is crucial to healthy living, yet we often neglect the one key body part that contributes to its proper function-our spine.

Protected inside the spine, the nervous system is constantly sending messages to all parts of the body. However, when a subluxation or misalignment of vertebrae occurs, vital nervous system messages are pinched off, or significantly reduced, causing a variety of mild to very serious health problems.

But beware! A lack of health problems doesn’t mean your spine and nervous system are in good working order. Symptoms of spinal subluxations often go undetected for extended periods of time before building into noticeable aches and pains or illness.

So what can you do to prevent health problems and maintain a properly working nervous system? Start and maintain a regular schedule of chiropractic adjustments. It’s a simple and affordable way to maximize your health and to help crucial nervous system messages reach their destination. Many health insurance companies agree and provide varying degrees of coverage for such care.

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Your pain does not have to become cronic before you seek the advice of a chiropractor. Preventative care is key!

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