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Ever heard the term Vertebral Subluxation Complex? You may if you seek care from a Chiropractor. Take a minute to get familiar with Chiropratic terminology.


Articulation: A joint formed where two or more bones in the body meet. Your foot bone, for example, forms an articulation with your leg bone. You call that articulation an ankle.

Atlas: Another name for the first cervical vertebra, which is located at the top of your spine and supports your head. Misalignment of the atlas can place stress on your neuromusculoskeletal system.

Axis: Another name for the second cervical vertebra, which is located in your neck. This is an important joint that contributes significantly to your neck's range of motion.

Biomechanics: The body's mechanics, such as how muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments work to produce movement.

Coccyx: Commonly called the tailbone, the coccyx is composed of four separate but fused vertebrae that make up the bottom of your spine.

Cervical spine: The area of your spine containing the seven vertebrae that compose the neck.

Joint: A meeting point of two or more bones in your body that functions like a door hinge. Joints, like hinges, sometimes get stuck, or subluxated. Your chiropractor can adjust them to help improve your health.

and so on....

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Your pain does not have to become cronic before you seek the advice of a chiropractor. Preventative care is key!

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